Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Christmas Tag: Blogmas Day 3!

It is pretty early in December, but I've seen this tag going around so I thought I would go ahead and give it a shot for blogmas day 3 :)

1) Do you have a real or synthetic Christmas tree? 
I have a synthetic one, I'm way too lazy to go out and pick out a real one and then maintain it, haha!

2) You're in a coffee shop, it's December, what do you pick?
If it's Starbucks I'm constantly mixing it up, but I think in general you can't go wrong with a peppermint mocha!

3) What's your favorite color scheme for decorating the tree?
The more colors, the better!

4) Giving or receiving?
Because my birthday is on Christmas Eve, I've got to be honest- receiving by a long shot. In my defense, it's the only time of year I tend to receive gifts at all!

5) Do you like mince pies?
I don't think that's as much of a thing here, but I'd be absolutely down to try one!

6) Christmas Day Fashion?
I tend to stay in on Christmas day, so probably a cute pair of leggings or joggers and a holiday sweater. I have the cutest little cardigan that's decorated with reindeer, I picked it up last year at Cotton On and Christmas is really the only time I can break it out!

7) What is your favorite Christmas Song?
Last Christmas, and basically any cover done of it ever. A close second is Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass by All Time Low, and I'll be honest, I've got a soft spot for the Justin Beiber Christmas album, I'll own up to it! Christmas Love is a tune!

8) What is your favorite Christmas film?
Definitely How the Grinch stole Christmas, it's a total classic, and every year when I watch it I'm reminded that the Grinch (or at least, the Jim Carey Grinch) and I are kindred spirits. Seriously, watch it, it's a gem.

9) Do you open presents before or after lunch?
I'm typically on a present frenzy from the night before (again, my birthday) so I literally open them the second I wake up. My parents literally have to restrain me from opening my Christmas presents on my birthday, I can't stop.

10) Do you have any Christmas traditions?
I don't know if this is really a "Christmas" tradition, but typically on my birthday adter all my extended family leaves, my parents and I do our stockings. This is usually because I'm on such a present high I can't imagine stopping, so my parents enable me by letting me look in my stocking, haha.

And that's it for the Christmas tag! I'd absolutely love to see your answers, so if you're reading this post I tag you to fill it out as well. See you tomorrow for a new blogmas post!

Stay beautiful!
- Whit


  1. I totally agree, the more colours the better on a tree! I'm loving Costa's festive menu this year!

    Heather x

    1. I've heard their drinks are great, but I don't think we have them here in the US! :(