Saturday, December 27, 2014

Organizing My Makeup Collection!!!

Hey guys, I hope you're all well! Today, in an attempt to organize my life (as I'm hoping to do in 2015) I ran out to Target and purchased a three drawer cabinet, and finally, FINALLY have begun to attempt to organize my makeup collection. While it is a long way from being done, I'm pretty happy with the headway I've made. Hopefully, I'll perfect the system and work out the kinks as my collection continues to grow. :) Nail polishes, you're next!!

I've put all of my mascaras, eyeliners, and single eye shadows/ bases in the first drawer. I placed all of my eyeliners in a little tray, and while it's not the cutest, it does seem to be doing the job. I never realized how many neutral colored single eye shadows I'd accumulated until now! 

In the second drawer I've got my palettes, as well as eye shadow quads, trios, etc. I've also thrown all my lip products into a second pink tray!

Of all my drawers, I am least impressed with my last drawer. I knew that I wanted to put all of my face products in it; the struggle was in figuring out how to separate them out. Fingers crossed that I figure out a more elegant way to do this! If you've got any suggestions, leave me a comment because I could definitely use them :) But for now, I've placed all of my powders and bronzers in one section, placed all of my foundations/ primers/ bb creams in a pencil case, all of my concealers and highlighters in an ipsy bag, and lastly my blushes opposite the powders.  

And that's it! It felt awesome to go through my makeup collection and systematize it, at least a little bit. It was also really cool to go through my whole collection and see just how many pieces I have! Everything's there except for the bits I've separated out for everyday use, and maybe I'll make a post showing you guys those pieces soon :) I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday, and if you're still celebrating, I hope you're having a blast! I'll talk to you guys soon!

Stay beautiful!!
- Whit

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