Saturday, December 6, 2014

Dealing with Finals: Blogmas Day 5!

I'd like to start off by apologize for posting this late, first and foremost, I had a closing shift today at work, and then decided to take my online final, leaving me with two more to go. So, in honor of this feat, which has left me ten kinds of exhausted, I thought I'd do a post for you guys today on my survival tactics for getting through finals!!

1) Schedule your studying. If you have a planner or use google calender, make events for when you intend to study and pencil those times in. When you feel like studying is a commitment, you'll feel more inclined to actually do it. 

2) Sleep. Don't fall into the "I have to pull an all-nighter" death trap! Sleep actually consolidates memory formation, which means that when you see an item on a test, you'll be more likely to remember exactly what you read about it, rather than remembering vaguely you saw it in the book. Really, if you are cramming, do your best to sit down and nap for at least a couple hours, and then get back into it.

3) Drink fluids and eat fruit! Don't stop taking care of yourself because you're studying! Finals and midterms are high times for illness in students, because stress on the body weakens the immune system. Be proactive, the last thing you want is to get sick the day after your last final :(

4) Pace yourself. I tend to like to study in 45-50 minute blocks. When you study for too long without taking a break, your comprehension and retention of material go way down. My favorite way to pace myself is to brew a potion on Pottermore, and when it's done I take a break, but any type of app or game or even just the alarm on your phone will do the trick!!

5) Flash cards. Flash cards are the best possible study buddies. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can learn/ memorize information this way, and they're compact enough and simple enough you can do them any time, any where!

These are my go-to finals week strategies for survival! I know it's a tough time and if you're going through this as well, I wish you the best on your finals :) Be sure to let me know what your survival tactics are, I'd love to know!

Stay beautiful!!
- Whit

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  1. Majorly looking forward to getting these exams out of the way! I agree with all your tips, I could never do an all nighter. I also like to reward myself with little treats once I get a lot of work out the way, a bath, a bar of chocolate ;)

    Heather x