Thursday, December 4, 2014

Gift Exchange Ideas: Blogmas Day 4!

So it's that special time of year where white elephant gift exchanges (or whatever you call them!) and secret santas run rampant, and everyone begins their present shopping. While giving is one of the greatest feelings in the world, it can also be super frustrating to think of the perfect gift, especially when you have no way of knowing who it's going to go to. So I thought I'd just throw together a quick post for you guys with some ideas for presents that could be good for anyone :)

Hot Chocolate sets- This time of year you can typically find hot chocolate sets from brands like Swiss Miss on sale in stores like Target or Walmart. Hot chocolate is an awesome gift this time of year! As it gets cooler out, most people want nothing more than to get snuggling with a warm drink and some netflix.

Chocolate-  Candy is probably the most classic gift to give, because typically you can't go wrong. It's not too expensive, and this time of year there are some particularly festive flavors out there to try, so you can still keep things fresh and exciting. 

Mugs- Who doesn't love receiving a cute mug? Honestly, I think mugs are probably some of the most enviable gifts you can find in a White Elephant. And your options are endless- there's the cute festive ones as well as the more traditional ones, and (hint hint) some pretty cute ones at the Disney store!

Beanies- If you don't want to go the beverage route, beanies are a great unisex option to give in a gift exchange. Everyone has room in their closet for a good beanie, especially if it's a color or shape they can wear even after the holiday season!

Gift cards- And, if you're really scrapped for ideas and your holiday party is in 10 minutes, there's always the cop out of getting an itunes or starbucks gift card, which is bound to be used :)

These are just some of the things I typically include in gift exchanges- what are your go-to gifts? Let me know in the comments! 

I hope you guys are enjoying December so far and I'll see you all tomorrow!

Stay beautiful!
- Whit


  1. Secret santas are so much fun! I usually get a mug as well and you usually can't go wrong with chocolate :)


    1. Agreed! I especially love secret santas because the presents are a bit more personalized :)

  2. I love hot chocolate sets for gifts as there are always lovely ones about. White chocolate hot chocolates are my favourite. Re yesterday's post, I totally didn't realise you don't get Costa in the US!! But then we don't get The Cheesecake Factory over here so we need something to make up for that!

    Heather x

    1. White chocolate hot chocolate is the best!! And that's very true, though I think that Costa might be a bit more affordable than The Cheesecake Factory, haha!!