Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lush Haul!!

Or, more appropriately, a mini Lush haul. But, first and foremost, I want to thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for getting me to 100 followers! It really means so much to me that you guys are following me and maybe looking at my posts, really. Thank you so much :)

Now onto what you're all here for- what I actually got!

Lush recently released their Halloween/ holiday collections in store, so I decided to pop in and check out some of the new arrivals! Quite a few of last year's favorites made a comeback this year, but there's also a bunch of new products as well. I decided to only pickup two things this trip (purely because I haven't gotten paid yet). 

The first product I picked up was the Lord of Misrule bath bomb ($6.95), which is a returning favorite this year. Ironically enough, I've never tried this bath bomb, but decided better late than never! It smells AMAZING. Like, actually so good. Pop in and smell it. The website says that the featured scents are patchoulli and black pepper, and I don't know much about either of those scents but I am definitely here for that combo! The lady working at Lush told me that this bath bomb is inspired by the pagan lord of the fools, and that it will turn your bath the color of red wine (or blood?) and what could be more Halloween appropriate than that? 

The only other product I picked up was the Northern Lights Bath Bomb ($5.95). There's nothing about this product that isn't gorgeous- the scent, the bath bomb itself, the name! This was actually the product I came in with the intention to buy. And I won't lie to you guys- I totally broke and used this today before writing this post! In my defense, however, the product was already starting to crumble while I was taking pictures, so really, it was BEGGING to be used. It turns your bath the most beautiful purple color, and of course while it's bath bomb-ing, the colors all mesh together (purples, pinks, blues and greens) in a replica of the northern lights. And it smells so calming and lovely! Definitely a treat. 

Well, those are the two products that I picked up! Have you checked out the new Lush products at all? I think next time I would like to pick up Wizard's Hat and Sparkler... What are some of your favorites? :) 


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