Friday, October 17, 2014

October Ipsy Bag Reveal!!

I've got my favorite candle of the moment burning (Gardenia Lily!) and I'm ready to do one of my favorite posts of the month... My Ipsy bag reveal!!

the bag: Ipsy
cost: $10/ month
contents: full size/ deluxe size makeup products
I'll have a referral link down below if you're interested in checking it out :)

First product- the Doll 10 H2Glo Highlighter in the color Champagne (Full Size $30, received just under a half size for a value of $13.50): I'm So excited to have a cream highlighter!!! Ever since I've fallen back in love with cream blush, I've felt it's about time to hop on that cream highlighter bandwagon, so imagine my joy at receiving this product in my bag this month! The packaging is so sleek and classy, and the product just looks gorgeous inside. Pray that I love this, because I was looking online and they have this product in a rose gold shade, and I'm not sure I can imagine something more gorgeous!!

Skyn Iceland Glacial Cleansing Cloths (Full size for $15, received 1/3 size for a value of ~$5): Face wipes are a basic necessity in life. I can tell these are going to have a really crisp, clean kind of scent to them, and the travel size is going to be perfect for when I head to Philly in November. Definitely no complaints here!!!

City Color Be Matte Lipstick in the shade Cappuccino ($5): When they say matte, they aren't kidding! No shimmer or sparkle to be found here. Still, the lipstick is a very pretty, dusty rose kind of color :) My mom's eyes practically bugged out when she saw it, it's so pretty. She (very cutely, I might add) asked if she could have it, and so, of course, I handed it over. This woman gave me life! My mom is the kind of person that really loves a product to death, too, like the Nars lipstick I gave her back in June is VERY well loved, so I know this lipstick is going to find a nice home in her makeup collection!

Figs & Rouge Mango & Mandarin Shea Butter Hand Cream ($6.56): This stuff smells absolutely amazing!!!! It literally smells like a mango popsicle or like a mango smoothie from Jack in the Box. SO GOOD. The packaging is so cute and bright, and it's the perfect size to throw in a purse or backpack for after washing your hands. And around this time of year, my hands are always dry, so I can tell this product is going to be a godsend for me!!

Volumeyes Extreme Black Mascara ($20): This may potentially be a full size product, I just can't be sure. But let me just say this: I. AM. A. MASCARA. JUNKIE!!!! If I received a new mascara in every Ipsy bag, I'd be a happy camper. I've yet to receive a bad one, so we'll see how I like this one :) The brush shape looks very promising, and I'm definitely here for that jet black.

NYX Bronze Smokey Look Kit ($12): I received this extra in my Ipsy bag this month as I had accumulated 1000 points. You get points for reviewing products and the such :) I think this is going to be the perfect little palette for traveling, it's got 9 gorgeous neutrals in (a mixture of matte and shimmery shadows) and then two lip glosses. I'm really not too crazy about the bronze lip gloss, but the consistency is creamy enough it could work well for a base while traveling, so in that case I'll still get a lot of use out of it! And really, can't get enough of that NYX packaging. 

And lastly, the bag itself this month was a very cute teal, quilted pattern, which I will also be giving to my mother so she can carry her makeup around in it :) Went along well with this month's theme of beautycandy. 

So this month's approximate value comes out to be $50.06, without the NYX kit. Can you believe that? I paid 1/5 of that price!!! Do you get ipsy? How'd you like your bag this month? :)


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