Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years + Snow in California!!!

Happy New Years everyone!!! We made it! I sincerely hope that this year, you don't let anything stop you. 2015 is, as cliche as it sounds, a blank space, and you can make anything of this year that you want to. Make is an amazing one :) In other news, last night it actually snowed in Julian, so today my family and I made the hour or so commute to have some pie, play around in the snow, and break out our rarely used winter apparel. It was absolutely gorgeous; I mean, the snow was literally still powder (and not slush). Unheard of! Here's to 2015, I'm really hoping the year keeps on this kind of note!

coat // H&M
turtleneck // Banana Republic
jeans // American Eagle
boots // Charlotte Russe
scarf // Forever 21
purse // Forever 21
beanie // Forever 21

Look at this cute little snowman family!

The pie at Mom's is legendary-

but Apple Memory cookies are my favorite!

Let's own this year! Stay beautiful!!
- Whit


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    1. Thank you! It was gorgeous, it never snows here so it was a real pleasure to see :)