Friday, January 16, 2015

January Glossybox!!

Hello all! I hope you're having an amazing day! I wanted to start off by saying thank you, my blog hit 200 followers today, and it honestly just means so much to me. It's crazy to think that that many people care what my opinions are or like what I post. I mean, that's like a whole lecture hall. Insane. In other news, because I posted my Ipsy review for this month yesterday (link here!) I thought today I would follow it up by reviewing the January Glossybox :) Glossybox is another monthly beauty subscription, and it is a bit pricier at $21 a month, but they tend to send out a larger variety of items and include more full size items as well.

The Glossybox packaging is so cute!!!

1) Kueshi Pure and Clean Revitalizing Face Toner (About $18?)- I'm not sure that this product is currently available in the US, so I approximated the value. That's really unfortunate, because in the brief time I've had this toner, I've grown quite fond of it. It smells really crisp and clean, and slightly sweet and fruity, but not in the typical way (strawberry, citrus, etc) but maybe something less common (lychee?). I really like the effect it's been having as well, it really evens out my skin tone and leaves my skin looking plumper and very moisturized. If things keep going the way they are, it's possible this product will become a staple in my skincare routine!

2) Teeez Trend Beautiful Flat Stiff Brush ($23.50)- I'm really having trouble finding links today! I'm not entirely sure how you would go about purchasing this product, and I approximated the value as well. I haven't tried this brush yet, but I love the design, I think it's really cool and edgy, and the bristles are rather stiff so I imagine it'll be good at packing on eyeshadow. The suggested tip is to try using it to apply eyeliner, so maybe I'll give that a shot and get back to you!

3) Lollipops Eye Pencil in the shade Goodbye Moon ($8.10?)- Another product I don't think is available in the US, I approximated the value as it is on sale, and I had to do the euro to dollar conversion. I think the packaging of this product is incredible, it looks really similar to something that Too Faced would put out. The product is incredibly black, which is awesome, and smudges out really nicely for a lazy smokey eye. My only problem with it is the staying power- I've got it on today and I've had it on for almost 5 hours, and it's come almost entirely off. Still, for the price point, I think it's a pretty good product. And it's really really adorable.

4) Vichy Purete Thermale 3-in-1 Step Cleanser ($19.50 for a full size)- I haven't given this cleanser a shot yet, but as it claims to cleanse, tone, and remove eye-makeup all in one, I think it'll be awesome for travel or to keep in an overnight bag. Should be great for nights where I'm feeling too lazy to go through my skincare routine (although I'm hoping to not have too many of those).

5) Skin&Co Roma Truffle Therapy Serum ($75 for a full size)- I am not a serum girl. I feel like they're usually very sticky, I don't particularly think they help much, and I find they're usually unnecessarily scented. Fingers crossed that this product changes my mind? If you have a serum that you really like, be sure to let me know down in the comments! From where I stand though, this is definitely my least favorite product in the box.

 And that was all! It was a bit annoying this month that so many of the products were unavailable in the US. However, I was impressed that the majority of the products were full sized, and I know that I'll get use out of at least 4/5. I did get a lot of skin products to try out, which is nice since my 2015 resolution was to take better care of my skin! If you have any skin products (toners, cleansers, or serums!) that you really like, be sure to let me know so I can check them out!

That's it for me, I'll talk to you guys soon! Thanks again for following and sticking it out :)

Stay beautiful!!
- Whit

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