Monday, October 14, 2013

Makeup Monday!

So I hate to be negative or critical of things but the time has come in life where I need to be. Well not really, but something has really kind of irked me enough for me to need to be. So today is going to be a product I regret buying :(

I saw these in Target and had heard really good things about the "yes to... whatever" brand so I figured I'd try it, since the travel pack was only like $2.99. 

I just.

The very first thing that I noticed the first time I used these wipes were that they felt really dry coming out of the packaging. And maybe this is just a placebo effect, like maybe they can be dry and still effectively remove makeup; but to me, it really just felt like I was rubbing a dryer sheet on my face. Well, it wasn't quite THAT bad but really. The Sahara.

I suppose they smell alright. They smell like cucumbers and freshness, as wonderfully accurate as that is. It's very much what it says on the packaging, nothing overly aromatic or sweet or fantastic. It kind of just is what it is.

But the worst part is that they actually don't seem to do all that good of a job removing makeup. I mean, it'll take my eyeshadow off alright, but my mascara and especially my eyeliner kind of just end up all over my face, and by that I mean smudged under my eyes.

I just feel like when it comes to facial wipes these really aren't worth the money (not even the $2.99) because in all honesty, a kleenex and some mosturizer would probably remove your makeup better and feel nicer on your skin then these do.

I dunno, has anyone else had a better experience with these? 

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